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Belgian Browning Pistols 1889-1949'. Vanderlinden. 2000. ISBN: 0970799705. New Unused. $25.00.  Item: BK-4.



















The Hayes Handgun Omnibus.  A Cataloged Encyclopedia of Pistols & Revolvers. Over 3500 Photos. 594 Pages! Hardbound. 2007. Ronald D. Hayes & Ian Skennerton. New Unused. $25.  Item: BK-491.




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SALES: All sales are made with the buyers full acceptance of the stated terms of sale. All sales are made in strict compliance with all Federal Firearms Laws. No items contained in this web site or sold are offered for sale where prohibited by any Federal, State or Local laws. By ordering, the buyer certifies that their purchase will be in full compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws. All items are sold as collector items Only Intended for Non-Operational use. No liability is assumed for the use of any item sold. All firearms and any related items should be inspected by a Licensed gunsmith if to be used for anything other than non-operational purposes. All transactions shall been deemed to occur in Nevada regardless whether by telephone, mail, internet or the physical location of the buyer. All transactions will be subject only to Federal and the State laws of Nevada. Any disputes will be resolved in a Nevada Court.


AVAILABILITY: Items marked 'RESERVED' are on layaway or awaiting payment. Please call or Email to be place on a backup list.


SALES TAX: Nevada state sales tax is 7.6%. Payment of other states sales tax for shipped items is the buyer's responsibility.


DISCREET: I do not share client information. Your privacy is protected.


DESCRIPTIONS: All items listed are factory original unless otherwise noted. Percentage values listed are subjective and are my opinion. Please view photographs to see the actual item.


FIREARMS: Modern firearms can only be shipped to holders of a Federal Firearms License. Curio-Relic firearms can usually be shipped to a Type 03 Collectors License. Some States have additional restrictions such as CA, CT, DC, IL, MD, NJ and NY. If you do not have a license, you can arrange for a transfer through your local dealer. If you are interested in obtaining a Federal Firearms Collectors License, call the A.T.F. License Center at (404) 417-2750 for an application or visit their website at


ANTIQUE FIREARMS: Do not require a Federal License. For Purchase I require a completed 'Purchase Certification'. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form. And a copy of a Government Issued Identification (Driver's License, Etc), showing date of birth and current address.


A Current Valid Copy of a Federal Firearms License. This can be Emailed, Faxed or Mailed to us.


AMMUNITION: Due to the numerous State, County and City Restrictions regarding ammunition purchases we require that all ammunition shipments be made to a Licensed FFL Holder. Ammunition can only be shipped via FedEx or UPS Ground Service.


SHIPPING: Normally shipments are made via USPS Shipping costs for accessory items is $20.00. Shipping costs for a handgun is $35.00. Shipping costs for a long gun is $50.00. For multiple item orders shipping will be discounted. Non-U.S. Shipment costs based on weight and size will be quoted on request. In case of a return or exchange, shipping fees are not refundable.


PAYMENT: Bank Check, Personal Check, Money Order.


LAYAWAYS: 20% deposit required.  Balance due in 30 days. Please call to discuss longer terms. Layaway sales are returnable for merchandise credit only.


RETURNS: Notify me immediately by phone, fax or E-mail if there is to be a return. Returns must be made within 3 days of receipt. Items must be the exact items I shipped and in the same condition with no alterations or damages. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping costs and credit card processing fees are not refundable. Layaway Purchases are returnable for merchandise credit only. 


EXPORTS: A U.S. State Department export license is required for all foreign purchases of modern firearms, ammunition and restricted items. My Export Agent is Mr. Walter Kanzler, P.O. Box 343, Key Largo FL 33037. Phone: (305) 451-2463. Fax: (305) 453-9645. E-Mail: email, write or fax for rates. No Export sales of items prohibited by the U.S. State Department.


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