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BRITISH 'GAT .177 PELLET PISTOL'  Quality All Steel Construction. New in Box with All Accessories. $35.  Item: AG-21.

CROSMAN. SCOPE. 4x15. Japan. With Mounting Rings. Caps missing. Perfect Optics. $10.  Item: OP-1020.

CROSMAN. MODEL 130 AIR PISTOL. .22, sn:36503. Excellent+ Condition. $60.  Item: AG-1001.

DAISY MODEL 118 AIR PISTOL. .177. Excellent+. $60  Item: AG-1006.

DAISY MODEL 177 AIR PISTOL. .177. Scarce Ivory Colored Grips. $60  Item: AG-1003.

GERMAN 'HEYM' AIR PISTOL' Pre-WWII. Spring Action. Excellent+. $75.  Item: AG-22.

JAPANESE. 'HAWK' CAP PISTOL. Gray. 3-1/2" Long. Double Barrel. 'JAPAN' Marked. Excellent+. $25.  Item: AG-1020.

PARA-ORDNANCE 'MODEL 85 PAINTBALL MACHINE PISTOL' .375, sn:00379X. Very Early Production. Best Quality Paintball Machine Pistol Patterned after the Ingram M-10! These were Produced for Law Enforcement and Military Training! In Beautiful 99%+ Condition! In the Factory Numbered Box with Manual, 2 Magazines, and 9 Boxes (50-each) of Paintball Cartridges. A Very Scarce Para-Ordnance Model 85 Paintball Machine Pistol in Beautiful Condition! $295.  Item: AG-1022.

WEBLEY & SCOTT 'MARK I AIR PISTOL' .177, sn:425X. Very Early 1920's Era Production. Best Quality British Target Pump Action Air Pistol. In Beautiful 98%+ Condition. Perfect Smooth Walnut Grips with Brass W&S 'Winged Bullet' Logo! In the Original Factory 'Picture' Box with Box of Original Webley Pellets and Manual on inside Box Lid. A Very Early Production Complete Set in Beautiful Condition! $350.  Item: AG-1007.


Airgun Accessories (Vintage & Modern)

Bonanza Group. 11-Ammunition Cans-Boxes. Partial & Empty. 1-Daisy Oiler. 1-Benjamin 340-342-347 Manual. $30.  Item: AG-2051.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Beeman. H&N Match. Can-500. $10.  Item: AG-2003.

Ammunition. .20. (5mm). Beeman. Silver Jet. Box-500. $10.  Item: AG-2016.

Ammunition. .22. (5.5). Beeman. Silver Sting. Can-200. $10.  Item: AG-2005.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Benjamin. Pre-1945. 250-Round Can. Empty. $10.  Item: AG-2037.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Benjamin. Pre-1945. 250-Round Can. $15.  Item: AG-2028.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Benjamin. Lead Wing. British. Pre-1945. 500-Round Can. $20.  Item: AG-2010.

Ammunition. .22.Benjamin. Pre-1945. 250-Round Can. Empty. $15.  Item: AG-2038.

Ammunition. .177 (4.5). Bimco. Neue Spitz. German. 100-Round Red Can. $15.  Item: AG-2014.

Ammunition. BB. Crosman. Carton-1500. $10.  Item: AG-2017.

Ammunition. BB. Crosman. Copperhead. Carton-1500. $5.  Item: AG-2041.

Ammunition. BB. Crosman. 10-Packets. $10.  Item: AG-2023.

Ammunition. .177 (4.5). Crossman. Copperheads. 175-Round White Box. $10.  Item: AG-2021.

Ammunition. .177 (4.5). Crossman. Super Pells. 250-Round Black Box. $10.  Item: AG-2026.

Ammunition. .22 (5.5). Crossman. Copperheads. 175-Round Red Box. $10.  Item: AG-2019.

Ammunition. .22 (5.5). Crossman. Super Pells. 250-Round Can. $15.  Item: AG-2008.

Ammunition. .22 (5.5). Crossman. Super Pells. 250-Round Black Box. $10.  Item: AG-2025.

Ammunition. BB. Daisy. Early Black/Yellow Tube. 350-Rounds. $10.  Item: AG-2039.

Ammunition. .22 (5.5). Diablo. German. Pre-1945. 500-Round. Empty Can. $15.  Item: AG-2000.

Ammunition. BB. Marksman. 1000-Round Pack with Speed Loader. $15  Item: AG-2040.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Marksman. 500-Round Can.  $15.  Item: AG-2013.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). National. British. 200-Round Can. $10.  Item: AG-2001.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). R.W.S. Meisterkugeln. German. 500-Round.Can. $10.  Item: AG-2022.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). R.W.S. Meisterkugeln. German. 100-Round.Yellow Packet. $10.  Item: AG-2024.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). R.W.S. Superdome. German. 500-Round.Can. $10.  Item: AG-2006.

Ammunition. .22 (5.5). R.W.S. Superpoint. German. 500-Round.Can. $10.  Item: AG-2007.

Ammunition. 5mm. Sheridan. Very Early Picture Can. $10.  Item: AG-2012.

Ammunition. 5mm. Sheridan. Bantam. Very Early Picture Can. $10.  Item: AG-2011.

Ammunition. BB. Remington. Early Pre-1945 Tube 'Picture' Pack. $25  Item: AG-2031.

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Webley. Very Early 500-Round Green Tin. Empty. $35.  Item: AG-2034

Ammunition. .177. (4.5). Webley. Very Early 1000-Round Green Tin. $35.  Item: AG-2033.

Ammunition. .177 (4.5) Webley. (Scarce .22 Can Factory Re-Marked for .177). Very Early 1000-Round Orange Tin. $50.  Item: AG-2035.

Ammunition. .22. Webley. Very Early 1000-Round Orange Tin. Empty. $35.  Item: AG-2036.

Ammunition. BB. Western. Early Pre-1945 Tube Pack. $15.  Item: AG-2029.

Ammunition. BB. Winchester. Early Pre-1945 Tube Pack. $35  Item: AG-2030.

Ammunition. .22. Winchester. Metal Tin 200-Rounds. Empty. $15.  Item: AG-2050.

CO/2 Powerlets Crosman. Copperhead. Gold/White Pack-5. $5.  Item: AG-2044.

CO/2 Powerlets Crosman. Copperhead. Black-Red Picture Box-5. $5.  Item: AG-2045.

CO/2 Powerlets Daisy. Power Line. Pack-5. $5.  Item: AG-2043.

CO/2 Powerlets Daisy. Quick Silver. Pack-5. $5.  Item: AG-2042.

CO/2 Powerlets. Assorted. 124-Total. $95.  Item: AG-2047.



Note: Many of the below are from the Collection of Replica Firearms from the Estate of Noted Firearms Importer, Dealer and Author Mr. William B. Edwards. He was the Very First importer of High Quality Replica Firearms that were made in Japan in the 1960's. The Collection Features many Rare 'One of a Kind' Import Sample Models that were never Produced.  


BELGIAN. CAP PISTOL. Very Early 1900's Production. Left Side Marked 'MODELE DEPOSE TUE-PAS'. Right Side Marked 'BTE S.G.D.G. MARQUE DEPOSEE'. Blue Steel. Excellent. $60.  Item: RM-1537.

COLT 'WOODSMAN MATCH TARGET' sn:'B'79110. Made by 'MGC'  in Japan. Metal and Plastic Construction. Full Sized and Extremely Authentic! Mfg:1967. In the Factory Box. Excellent++. $125.  Item: RM-1348.

CZECH. MODEL Vz-61 'SCORPION' MACHINE PISTOL' The Classic Czech Machine Pistol with Folding Stock. All Steel Construction with Walnut Pistol Grip. This Extremely Authentic Replica Field Strips and Looks Exactly like the Real One. Manufactured by Hudson in Japan Many Years Ago. Reportedly Only 10 were imported into the U.S. as 'Sales Samples'. 100% Brand New in the Original Box with A.T.F. Approval Letter. $250.  Item: RM-1321.

FRENCH 'FLINTLOCK DUELING PISTOL SEAGRAMS CASED WALL PLAQUE' Walnut Cased with glass top. Nice Decorator from the 1950's-1960's. $50.  Item: RM-10.

JAPANESE 'TYPE 14' sn:427. A Very Scarce Exact Replica made by Hudson in Japan. All Metal. Full Sized and Extremely Authentic. Only a Very Few 'Samples' were imported. 100% New Condition in the Factory 'Picture' Box with 7 Brass 'Dummy' Rounds. $195.  Item: RM-1338.

JAPANESE MODEL GUN 'SILENCER' For All Nakata Made Pistol Models. 3-1/4" Long. Looks Real but Non-Functional. Excellent++. $20.  Item: RM-1020.

JAPANESE MODEL GUN 'SILENCER' For All Nakata Made Pistol Models. 6-3/4" Long. Metal. Looks Real but Non-Functional. In Factory Box. Excellent++. $20.  Item: RM-1019.