Long Guns

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BERETTA ‘TYPE I BOLT ACTION RIFLE (JAPANESE WWII MILITARY)’ 6,5. 31” Barrel. sn:’K’604X. Mfg:1937-1939. A Scarce WWII Japanese Military Rifle Manufactured by Beretta in Italy for the Japanese Military. Most were Issued to the Japanese Navy! In Beautiful 99%+ Condition. Perfect Case-Colored Bolt with No Evidence of Firing or Use. Near Perfect 2-Piece Stock and Handguard. Mint Bore. With Cleaning Rod. Item: LG-5019. $495. 



JAPANESE ‘TYPE 38 BOLT ACTION RIFLE 6,5. sn:68032. 28th Series. Early Production Long Rifle. Produced by the Japanese Nagoya Arsenal. Perfect Fully Intact Crisp ‘Mum’ Chamber Crest. Very Special in that it has a 1-Piece Stock. Most were 2-piece due to the shortage of trees large enough to produce a 1-piece Stock. In Stunning 99%+ Condition. Excellent+ Stock and Handguard. Bright Bore is frosted. With Cleaning Rod. All Matching Except Bolt. Typical for most WWII Bring Backs as the Bolt were taken out and Stored during the Troops Return Voyage to prevent ‘accidents’. With Bolt Dust Cover (not pictured) and Proper Nagoya Bayonet with Scabbard and Hanger in Equally Fine Condition. Item: LG-2015. $695.



JAPANESE ‘TYPE 38 LONG BOLT ACTION TRAINING RIFLE’ 7,7. sn: None. A Very Scarce WWII Japanese Training Rifle. Chamber is Marked with the ‘Nippon Special Steel’ Crest. No Proofs or Serial Numbers. In Beautiful 99% Condition. Excellent+ Early 1-Piece Stock and Handguard. Complete with Cleaning Rod. Item: LG-5008. $195. 



JAPANESE ‘TYPE 99 BOLT ACTION RIFLE’ 7,7. sn:4765X. The Classic WWII Japanese Type 99 Carbine. A Very Scarce 30TH  Series Produced by the Japanese Tokyo Kogo Arsenal in Hiroshima. In Beautiful 99% Condition. No ‘Jungle’ Pitting. Excellent+ Stock and Handguard. Mint Bore. Complete with Cleaning Rod. Matching Bolt. Perfect Fully Intact ‘Mum’ Chamber Crest. Item: LG-5007. $450. 


JAPANESE ‘TYPE 99 BOLT ACTION RIFLE’ 7,7. sn:6648X. Japanese WWII Issue Produced by the Japanese Nagoya Arsenal. All Matching. ‘Mum’ Chamber Crest is ground. In Beautiful 99% Condition. Excellent+ Stock and Handguard. Mint Bore. Original WWII Bring Back. #LG-2030. RESERVED. 



REMINGTON ‘MODEL 6 PUMP ACTION RIFLE’ .30-06. sn:’A’401609X. 23” Barrel. Mfg: 1981. The Classic Pump Action Remington Sporting Rifle. In Beautiful 99%+ Condition. Perfect Deluxe Checkered Stock and Forearm. Mint Bore. Adjustable Rear Sight and Bushnell Sportview 3-9x24 Scope with Perfect Optics, See Thru Mount (for Iron Sights) and Scope Caps. Item: LG-5012. $395. 



REMINGTON ‘MODEL 121 FIELDMASTER PUMP ACTION RIFLE’ .22 S-L-LR. 24-1/2” Round Barrel. sn:12947X. Mfg:1949. The Classic Remington Slide Action Tube Feed Takedown Rifle. In Beautiful 99% Condition. Excellent+ Walnut Buttstock with Crescent Metal Buttplate and Grooved Forearm have No Cracks or repairs. Very Tight Action. Mint Bore. Item: LG-5010. $495. 



REMINGTON ‘MODEL 1100 SLUG SEMI-AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN’ 12 Gauge. 2-3/4” Chamber. 21” Rifled Slug Barrel with Rifle Sights. sn:5018X’V’. The Classic Remington Semi-Automatic Shotgun. In Beautiful 99% Condition. Excellent+ Walnut Checkered Buttstock and Forearm have No Cracks. Mint Bore. Item: LG-5011. $450. 



SAVAGE/SEARS ‘RANGER MODEL 101.16 (SAVAGE MODEL 87) SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE’ .22 S-L-LR. sn: None. Manufactured by Savage for Sears. Semi-Automatic Sporter with Tube Feed Magazine. Adjustable Rear Sight. In Very Fine 95% Condition showing little use. Excellent+ Walnut Stock. Mint Bore. Item: LG-5009. $95. 



STEYR ‘MODEL 1904 BOLT ACTION RIFLE’ 7,92. 29” Barrel. sn:118X. Mfg: 1904. A Very Rare Early Bolt Action Rifle manufactured by Steyr in Austria. Sold to the Chinese Military and Many were ordered by the Irish Ulster Volunteer Force (I.R.A.) in 1913-1914 but most were intercepted by the British and later issued to the British Home Guard in WWI and WWII. This is no doubt one of those. In Stunning 99% Condition. Beautiful Blued Finish and Near Perfect Walnut Stock. Mint Bore. A Very Rare Early Steyr Military Rifle in the Finest Condition. Item: LG-5018. $895.



U.S. SPRINGFIELD ‘MODEL 1903 BOLT ACTION RIFLE’  30-06, sn:141437X. WWI Era Manufacture. Barrel Dated December, 1942. The Classic WWI Era U.S. Military Issue Springfield Model 1903 Rifle. U.S. Arsenal Re-Barreled in 1942. All Milled Parts. Metal is in Fine 98% Condition. Excellent Walnut Stock and Handguard. Dark Bore is pitted. Small import mark on Barrel Bottom. Item: LG-5015. $595. 



 U.S. INLAND ‘M-1 CARBINE’ .30C, sn:5460285. Mfg:8/1944. Manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors. With Adjustable Rear Sight, Flat Bolt and No Bayonet Lug. In Beautiful 99%+ Original Condition. Excellent+ Walnut Stock with Crisp ‘Ordnance Wheel’ and ‘IO’ Proofs. Proper 2-Rivit Handguard. Mint Bore. With 15-Round Magazine, Sling and Oiler. Note: This items is Missing from our inventory and presumed Stolen. It is Listed with the A.T.F. and our local Sheriff's Office. If found please contact us. Item: LG-1452.