Mauser Items

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Art Print. Mauser. Beautiful Original Limited Edition 16x20 Color Print by Noted Artist Kenneth Francis Dewey done in 1983. The Original is in the N.R.A. Museum. Unframed. Perfect. $35.  Item: MI-0004.

Book. System Mauser. John W. Breathed & Joseph J. Schroeder. Hardbound. DJ. 1967. Item: BK-46. $95.  Item: BK-46.

Book. The Broomhandle Pistol 1896-1936. Erickson & Pate. Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition with Slipcover and Cloth Cover! . Signed by Authors. sn:11 of 100! Classic! $750.  Item: MI-166.

Many other Mauser Books are listed in the 'Books & Manuals' Section. 

Charger/Stripper Clip. Early. Brass with Fire Blue Spring. $20.  Item: MI-1042.

Charger/Stripper Clip. Early. Steel with Fire Blue Spring. $20.  Item: MI-1044.

Charger/Stripper Clip. British. ( B.P.). $10.  Item: MI-6.

Charger/Stripper Clip. Chinese. '7.63X25mm (2-Chinese Characters) Marked. $10.  Item: MI-1043.

Charger/Stripper Clip. French. ( S.F.M.). $40.  Item: MI-8.

Charger/Stripper Clip. German. ( D.M.). $15.  Item: MI-5.

Charger/Stripper Clip. German. 'DWM'. $15.  Item: MI-1040.

Charger/Stripper Clip. Persian. Sunburst Proof. $40.  Item: MI-7.

Charger/Stripper Clip. Unmarked. $15.  Item: MI-1041.

Grip. Model 1910. Black H/R. Excellent++. $195.  Item: MI-153.

Grips. Model 84. Tear Gas/Blank Pistol. Checkered Walnut with 'Mauser Medallions. $25.  Item: MI-1057.

Grips. C.96. M1930 Pattern. V.G. $30.  Item: MI-15.

Holster-Stock Leather Harness. WWI German Military Pattern. Quality Reproduction. Brown Leather. With Cleaning Rod. Excellent++. $50.  Item: MI-1137.

Holster-Stock Leather Harness. Quality Reproduction. WWI German Military Pattern. Brown Leather. With Cleaning Rod (Rod is too long and needs to be shortened). Excellent++. $50.  Item: MI-1140.

Holster. C.96. Bolo. Chinese Issue. Dual Clip Pouches. With Strap. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-40.

Holster. C.96. Bolo. Chinese Commercial. Dual Clip Pouches. With Strap. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-1049.

Holster. C.96. Chinese Issue. Dual Clip Pouches. Communist Era with 'Star' Proofs on Snaps. With Strap. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-226.

Magazine. Model 1910. 6,35. Split Tail. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-101.

Magazine. Model 1910. 6,35. Front Indent Base. Excellent+. $95.  Item: MI-144.

Magazine. Model 1910. 6,35. Side Spring Base. Excellent+. $95.  Item: MI-1002.

Magazine. Model 1910. 6,35. Side Spring Base. Banner Marked Tube. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-145.

Magazine. Model 1910. 6,35. Side Spring Base. Banner Marked Base. Excellent++. $95.  Item: MI-146.

Magazine. HSc. Banner Base. Excellent++. $175.  Item: MI-1098.

Magazine. HSc. 7,65. Unmarked Flat Base. Excellent++. $150.  Item: MI-104.

Magazine. Model WTP-1. 6,35. Excellent+. $125.  Item: MI-1004.

Manual. Model 1910 & Model 1914. 32 Pages. Tan Cover. English. $75.  Item: MI-1054.

Manual. M1910 & M1914. 28 pages. Reprint. $10.  Item: MI-50.

Manual. C.96/M1930. 36 pages. English. Original. Tan Cover. $95.  Item: MI-1107.

Manual. C.96/M1930. 32 pages. English. Reprint. Blue Cover. $10.  Item: MI-22.